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My Neighbourhood and Means of Transport
My Neighbourhood and Means of Transport

My Neighbourhood

The area around my home is called my neighbourhood. My neighbourhood is my extended home and neighbours are our extended family. In this themelet, students will understand the importance of living together peacefully in a neighbourhood.
They will learn that the people living in the neighbourhood are their friends. They will also learn about different places in the neighbourhood like a school, hospital, market, park, bank, post office, police station, fire station etc.

During this theme, students will be taken for field trips to the following places: Park, Market, Post Office, Railway Station, Hospital, Garage, Police Station, Bus Stop, Airport

Means of Transport

Hundred of years ago, early man had to walk to go from one place to another. Slowly man learnt to ride animals and use them as means of transport. After the invention of wheel, life became easier.
We can walk and go to nearby places, But to go for away places, we need a cycle,scooter, car, bus, tonga, rickshaw etc.
We also use means of transport like train or aeroplane to go to places which are very far.
During this theme, students will learn about different means of transport and their importance in our lives.

Students will be engaged in the following activities:

  • Collect pictures of different transports.
  • Visit to Bus Terminal, Railway Station and Airport

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